Printed ring binders

Tailor-made custom printed ring binders with your company logo, hot foiled or embossed graphic element is a functional marketing and representation tool. Custom printed ring binders are used to file worksheets, seminar material, or representational informational material of the company. A personalised ring binder is also suitable for the product or sample catalogues and various other corporate needs. We are ring binder manufacturers and can offer quantities from as little as 50 pcs. Ring binders are available in various sizes: A3 ring binder, A4 ring binder, A5 ring binder, A6 ring binder.

Description of ring mechanism

R – ring mechanism
G – spine width (mm)
FH – material capacity (mm)
S – distance between rings (mm) 

Code Number of rings FH (mm) G (mm) S (mm)
SA4/R13 2/4 8 20 80
SA4/R16 2/4 12 25 80
SA4/R20 2/4 14 30 80
SA4/R25 2/4 20 35 80
SA4/R30 2/4 25 40 80
SA4/R35 2/4 30 45 80
SA4/R38 2/4 33 50 80
SA4/R45 2/4 40 60 80

D – ring mechanism
G – spine width (mm)
FH – material capacity (mm)
S – distance between rings (mm) 

Code Number of rings FH (mm) G (mm) S (mm)
SA4/D15 2/4 16,5 30 80
SA4/D20 2/4 20 35 80
SA4/D25 2/4 25 40 80
SA4/D30 2/4 30 45 80
SA4/D35 2/4 36 50 80
SA4/D40 2/4 40 60 80
SA4/D45 2/4 45 65 80
SA4/D50 2/4 50 70 80
SA4/D55 2/4 54 85 80
SA4/D65 2/4 65 85 80

Q – ring mechanism
G – spine width (mm)
FH – material capacity (mm)
S – distance between rings (mm) 

Code Number of rings FH (mm) G (mm) S (mm)
SA4/Q18 2/4 18 27,5 80
SA4/Q20 2/4 20 31,5 80
SA4/Q25 2/4 25 36 80
SA4/Q30 2/4 30 42,5 80
SA4/Q35 2/4 35 47,5 80
SA4/Q40 2/4 41 54 80
SA4/Q45 2/4 43 56 80
SA4/Q45 2/4 45 58,5 80
SA4/Q50 2/4 50 64 80
SA4/Q52 2/4 53 67 80
SA4/Q55 2/4 54 69 80
SA4/Q56 2/4 65 82 80
SA4/Q80 2/4 80 97 80

LA – ring mechanism
G – spine width (mm), when the metal slots are applied
GI – spine width (mm) without the metal slots
FH – material capacity (mm)
S – distance between rings (mm) 

Code Number of rings FH (mm) G (mm) GI (mm) S (mm)
SA4/LA50 2 35 45 60 80
SA4/LA75 2 55 65 80 80
SA4/LA85 2 65 75 90 80


Code: 720
Brief description  




Code: BIS 33FN/70 (nickel plated), BIS 33FG/70 (brass plated)
Base width: 70 mm, compressor width: 50 mm  

Code: BIS 31FN/110 (nickel plated), BIS 31FG/110 (brass plated)
Base width: 110 mm, compressor width: 90 mm

With two metal springs, secured with two rivets.
Rivethole diameter 0,45 mm.


Code: BIS 52F/100

Width: 100 mm 

Code: BIS 51F/120
Width: 120 mm

With Rubber corners (+RC)
With hangers (+H)

Metal compressor bars for ring mechanisms.  

Code: 79030 CB-1
Length: 150 mm
Distance between rings 80 mm

Metal compressor bars. 
Base length: 130 mm  

With metal button:
Code: 79015

With plastic button:
Code: 79025

Fastening plates with eyes:  

Code: SM.MA.150020.01
Size: 150 x 20 mm

Fastening plates without eyes:

Code: SM.SZ.150.SK.01
Size: 150 x 10 mm


Metal rings for the ring binder back.

Code: 921 – 120/22 nickel
Diameter: 25,2 mm


Metal rings to hold the covers of ring binders.   

Code: 120/24 – nickel
Diameter: 22 mm

Nickel and brass plated. 

Code: PS 16
For cardboard from 1,5 mm to 2,5 mm

Code: PS 22
For cardboard from 1,5 mm to 2,5 mm

Metal penholders:

Code: 1020R
Diameter: 20 mm 

White plastic penholders:

Code: 1010
Diameter: 20 mm

Plastic holders

Code: 1060
Colors: white and black
Diameter: 30 mm 

Foam holders:

Code: 1080
Available in various colors.
Diameter: 15 mm

Plastic handles with fasteners for briefcases. 

Code: 340/3
Color: black, red, white.

Plastic handles with fasteners for briefcases. 

Code: 285
Color: black, red, white.


Code: 200
Size: 170 x 20 mm
Color: white, black.


Code: 125
Thickness: 2 mm
Length: various
Color: various

Round magnets for briefcases and ring binders. 

10 x 2 mm
12 x 2 mm  

Metal buttons are selected in view of the order or customer’s needs. 

Color: available in various colors
Size: available in various sizes 


Hook-and-loop fasteners are used to fix two surfaces.

Multipurpose binding screws.   

Color: nickel, brass, and rustic style
Size: available in various sizes 

Metal eyelets are selected in view of the order or customer’s needs.   

Color: available in various colors
Size: available in various sizes

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Type of ring mechanism
Type of ring mechanism
R typeD typeLA type
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Front cover print
Front cover laminate
Inside cover print
Inside cover laminate
PVC pocket
Metal corner protectors
Compressor bar
Finger rings
Tab dividers
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  • Custom ring binders

    Individually printed and designed custom ring binders are powerful sales and marketing tool. We can offer offset printed custom ring binders in small quantities starting from as little as 50 pcs. Custom ring binder can be used for conferences, seminars, marketing or presentational material. Custom ring binders can come in different shapes, sizes, capacities and cover materials. Usually custom ring binders are paper over board binders with desired customised print on the cover or/and inside. Various ring mechanisms can be used depending on binding capacity.

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  • Presentation ring binders

    Presentation ring binders will guarantee that all your documents are handled to you customers in appropriate and solid way. Presentation ring binders are custom printed with your company logo and can be used for many purposes. Presentation ring binder will serve you as a powerful marketing tool.

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  • R-shaped ring binders

    Custom printed binder with print is efficient publicity of the company, which will be immediately noticed by your customers. Small scope of material (up to 25-30 mm) is recommended to be filed in R-ring binders.

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  • D-shaped ring binders

    Custom printed D-shaped ring binders, as compared to R-shaped ring binders, accommodate more material.  Where using round rings, big quantities of pages filed camber, whereas the side of all pages filed in D-shaped rings is straight. If you are thinking of filing big quantities of pages, we suggest choosing D-shaped rings.

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  • A4 ring binders with LA type rings

    Archive storage ring binders or document ring binders are designed for frequent use: adding, inserting, or removing the documents. Lever facilitates the opening of the mechanism. Ring binders for documents may also be custom printed with your company logo. Ring binders for documents with print can serve as a decoration on your office shelves as well as an excellent marketing tool.

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  • Ring binder with metal slots for lever arch

    Ring binder with metal slots for lever arch is manufactured with lever arch type rings, however, due to metal slots it has a much more narrow spine, but greater strength.  It locks ring binder’s cover from opening. Such custom printed ring binder for documents is excellent for filing large material capacity and save space on your shelves.

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  • Ring binders with special ring mechanism

    Custom ring binders with special ring mechanism are useful for filing the documents of particularly large capacity. In such case Q-shaped rings are used. American and Swedish markets have a different standard of such rings: the number of rings and distance between the rings is different.

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  • Ring binders from cardboard

    Custom ring binder from cardboard is an alternative to standard ring binder.  The sides and corners of a ring binder are not covered with coated paper.

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  • Ring binders with pockets

    Customised ring binders with cardboard or transparent pockets are designed for the documents or such other material that you cannot clip together. Ring binders are also available with the fastener mechanism and other extra accessories.

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  • Fabric coated ring binders

    Fabric covered ring binders may be personalised even more for greater impression. The combination of covering material, silkscreen printing, embossing, or hot foiling is an outstanding harmony, which leaves indelible impression.

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  • Leather coated ring binders

    If you are looking for something exclusive, a leather coated ring binder is just for you.

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  • A4 landscape ring binders

    A4 landscape ring binder for documents is made for filing landscape sheets. Non-standard ring binders are often used for the catalogues of samples and materials of non-standard sizes.

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  • Oversized ring binders

    Filing of oversized documents requires a binder of particularly large format. Manufacturing of oversized ring binders starts from 50 pcs.

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  • Ring binders in other sizes

    Personalised ring binders for your documents in various sizes and formats – A3, A5, A6. Present your documents, brochures, price-lists, and such other information in a compact, convenient, and practical way.

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  • Polypropylene ring binders

    Polypropylene is transparent or matt plastic in various colors, from which we can manufacture ring binders as well. Polypropylene makes a ring binder look exclusive, however, it is not that solid as a cardboard ring binder. Polypropylene ring binders – for frequent use and small material capacity. Ideal for filing seminar and conference material.

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