Magazine Slipcases

Archiving racks are designed to compile and archive documents. We can produce them in various shapes: triangular, trapezoidal, square, with cut-out boxes, etc. We are the only manufacturer of archiving stands in the Baltic States. We produce from 100 pcs.


Archiving stands are made of durable book cardboard, covered with paper or other binding materials covered with the desired image or logo, such as textiles, artificial leather, canvas.


Filing stands can have several additional accessories like a metal ring to insert a finger, a pen holder, and more.

Production and delivery time

Archiving stands with your logo are manufactured and delivered in 2-3 weeks.


Archiving stands both internally and externally can be printed using offset printing, screen printing, or the logo can be printed by hot foiling using multicolor metallized foil.

Post-press design

Archiving stands can be laminated with matte, glossy, non-scratch or textured protective film. If you want exclusivity, more values ​​can be given to it by applying UV varnishing, foiling or assembly technology.