Printed paper bags

We have over 15 years of experience in custom printed paper bag manufacturing. Handmade paper bags are manufactured in standard sizes or by request. Gift paper bags with printed logo of your company are manufactured from 100 pieces. Printed paper bags are laminated with matt or gloss film. Custom printed bag is the face of your company and “walking” publicity.

For the manufacturing of our paper bags we only use high-grade matt or gloss coated paper of various thickness. As a standard, we use unique single coated pulpwood-free smooth, however, fluffy and solid coated paper. Thanks to proper sheet structure, paper is durable and flexible, particularly resistant to folding, suitable for full print coating. Bags are manufactured from 150, 170, 200, and 230  gsm coated paper.
Kraft paper is paper produced from chemical pulp processed by the kraft process. It is an upmarket packaging paper, characterizing for high resistance to mechanical and water impact. This paper is particularly durable. Kraft paper is suitable for food packaging as well. In manufacturing we use brown or white kraft paper, which can be either smooth or sealed, 120 gsm.
For the manufacturing of luxury bags we use various art paper.  It is available in various thickness, color, and pattern. We can offer the products of such manufacturers as Gmund, Fredrigoni, Winter, Arjo Wiggings, Cordenons.
Climate change today is a huge point at issue, which we cannot ignore, therefore, we also manufacture bags from recycled paper. We can offer bags from both especially white and natural white or fiber patterned recycled paper of 150, 170, 200 ar 230 gsm.
We offer a wide spectrum of non-standard sizes. On request, we can manufacture a bag according to the measurements to meet your needs. Our experts will help you to select an optimal size to package your goods.


95 x 50 x 135 210 x 60 x 150
150 x 65 x 215 215 x 65 x 150
150 x 80 x 190 240 x 90 x 160
210 x 90 x 220
225 x 80 x 310 310 x 105 x 245
240 x 105 x 310 340 x 90 x 240
240 x 105 x 330 350 x 130 x 300
255 x 90 x 360
300 x 100 x 400
220 x 85 x 360 350 x 100 x 250
225 x 100 x 310 360 x 140 x 270
240 x 80 x 400 380 x 130 x 250
250 x 100 x 350
300 x 100 x 350
300 x 115 x 360
320 x 120 x 400
250 x 100 x 250
300 x 100 x 300
350 x 100 x 350
350 x 120 x 350
400 x 170 x 400
100 x 50 x 130
120 x 90 x 380
130 x 120 x 400
180 x 80 x 250


We hope that you found the size that you need. If not, we can offer you more sizes!
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  • Paper carrier bags

    Handmade carrier paper bags are manufactured as per individual order. Exclusive trait of such carrier bags is handles from weaved string or silk, satin, or cotton ribbon.  Carrier paper bags are manufactured from superfine coated paper, laminated with gloss or matt film. Bottoms and handles are reinforced with thick cardboard. Most of paper bag manufacturing procedures are made by hand, thereby ensuring perfect quality.  They are mostly used to package business gifts. We manufacture from 100 pcs. Continue Reading

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  • Carrier bags with die cut handles

    Exclusive characteristic of these carrier bags is die cut handles. Bottoms and handles are reinforced with cardboard. Custom printed paper bags with die cut handles may be manufactured from coated, uncoated, kraft, recycled or art paper. Exclusive quality of these custom paper bags is achieved through hand made manufacturing.

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  • Eco friendly paper bags

    Eco friendly  paper bags are manufactured from 100 % recycled or FSC certified paper and covered with protective varnish only. Bottom and handles of the bags are reinforced with cardboard, which enables using the bag more than once. Order an ecological bag and get an attractive package, contribute to conservation of natural resources, as well as create an image of a green company. Continue Reading

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  • Luxury paper bags

    Products of particularly high value require appropriate packaging. Personalized luxury paper bag is unique and extraordinary by its shape as well as materials that it is made from. We can help you to design a special and unique luxury bag. Every concept bag is made by hand. Due to this reason, concept paper bags maintain their individuality and uniqueness. Such bags will be noticed at any place and at any time. Continue Reading

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