Binder easels

Binder easels enable presenting your company, products, or services to the audience. Binder easel can also serve as a ring binder. They are also perfect for painting, since it can serve as and easel or ring binder for painting works. Binder easels are manufactured in various formats with the spine in various widths.

Binder easels are manufactured from bookish cardboard, covered with printed coated paper over board.

Binder easels are printed in one or several colors using offset printing.

Ring mechanism
These binder easels are available with O shaped, R shaped 4-ring mechanisms.

Extra accessories
Binder easel is usually locked using buttons, though magnetic holders and hook-and-loop fasteners may be used as well. We can also offer elastic band, spine back, pen holder, transparent pocket, and such other extra accessories.

Post-print finishing
Binder easels are laminated with PE film. You can choose from matt, transparent, non-scratch, or linen texture film. Exclusive post-print finishing methods are hot foiling, embossing, or UV coating.

Time of delivery
Binder easels are manufactured and delivered within 2-3 weeks as of the date of coordination of layout.

Magnetic discs are designed for document boxes and ring binders. 


Metal buttons are selected in view of the order or customer’s needs. 

Colors: available in various colors.
Size: available in various sizes.

Screws for various purposes.

Color: nickel, brass, and aged metal.
Size: available in various sizes.

Metal eyelets are selected in view of the order or customer’s needs.

Colors: available in various colors.
Size: available in various sizes.

Self-adhesive hook-and-loop fasteners – a reliable method of fixing.
Description of ring mechanism

R – ring mechanism
G – spine width (mm)
FH – material capacity (mm)
S – distance between rings (mm)

Code Number of rings FH (mm) G (mm) S (mm)
SA4/R13 2/4 8 20 80
SA4/R16 2/4 12 25 80
SA4/R20 2/4 14 30 80
SA4/R25 2/4 20 35 80
SA4/R30 2/4 25 40 80
SA4/R35 2/4 30 45 80
SA4/R38 2/4 33 50 80
SA4/R45 2/4 40 60 80

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Type of ring mechanism
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Front cover laminate
Inside cover print
Inside cover laminate
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