Psychology of Colors in Marketing

Jun 12, 2013 No Comments by

When you plan your marketing campaign the first thing you should consider is your brand. In our world, colors makes huge impact not just in our personal life, but in business too. Each color gives different feelings and influence. What colors have you chosen for your marketing campaign? What were your reasons for making that [...]

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Brand Packaging

May 28, 2013 No Comments by

Usually consumers doesn’t think so much about packaging. Packaging is just packaging most of us says, but if we take a closer look at it – it’s not just a packaging, it’s a brand builder and face. All consumer packaged goods are marketed under a brand name. Packaging has considerable prowess as a brand-builder and [...]

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How to create a Facebook Fan Page of Your Business

Apr 12, 2013 No Comments by

Facebook is the biggest and fastest growing social media channel at these days. It already reached over 1 billion users and looks like it will keep growing. Most of big brands started to use Facebook as communication channel with their customers. Savvy small business owners already know that Facebook is a great tool for communicating [...]

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The basics of branding

Mar 25, 2013 No Comments

When it comes to successful business – good branding is one of the most important factors. We all know that well known brands adds much more trust from the customers and generate extra profit just because the established brand name. Sure, to brand your business efficiently is not so easy how it might look at [...]

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History of paper bag manufacturing processes

Mar 13, 2013 No Comments

When we take a closer look at paper bag history, the whole process reveals interesting practices that took time to master. For better understanding about the manufacturing of paper bag we have to look at the history, logging practices, pulp manufacturing and commercial bag making machines. Nowadays many bags are recycled several times, it’s important [...]

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Presentation to Executives

Feb 22, 2013 No Comments

Nowadays, presentations are so common, that most of the businesses organizing them all the time. To present something to your peers is kind a easy thing. Well all right, presentations are not so easy like some of us might think. However, to make a presentation to executives could be completely different. Executives are always looking [...]

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What is branding and how it should be done

Feb 07, 2013 No Comments

We all know, how effective good branding usually is. Product without brand, is just one of thousands and nobody cares about it a lot. Sure, in case like this, price and quality means a lot. However, it could be the same product even higher price, but if this product is from well known brand, people [...]

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Freebie marketing always works

Jan 28, 2013 No Comments

Freebie marketing is a business model when one item is sold at a low price, or even given away for free in order to increase the sales of a complementary good. A good example of this is inkjet printers and ink cartridges, mobile phones and service contracts, game consoles and game and etc. This marketing [...]

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World’s Most Expensive Paper bag

Jan 21, 2013 No Comments

People who ever wanted to make they own manufactured paper bags for they businesses and thought that to pay a few quids for a bag is expensive – think twice from now! Yes, what means a few pounds for a bag nowadays? It is nothing compared with Jil Sander’s Vasari bag. Designer launched the most [...]

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Affinity marketing – another great strategy for any type of business

Jan 04, 2013 No Comments

Affinity marketing started somewhere at 1970′s whit Credit Cards. At that time credit cards interests reached the sky, so AAA (American Automobile Association) partnered with MasterCard and started to offer a branded credit card with lower rates and special privileges. New marketing strategy was successful, AAA boosted its members loyalty and received revenue shares from [...]

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